How to remove burrs from aluminum alloy die castings?

Author: Date Published: May 16,2023

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Due to the influence of raw materials, equipment and other factors during the production of aluminum alloy Die Castings, burr is common. How to remove these burrs? The aluminum die casting manufacturer will give you some tips.

How to remove burrs from aluminum alloy Die Castings?

The first method of deburring is manual deburring, which is a traditional aluminum alloy die-casting treatment method with low efficiency and high cost. It mainly uses abrasive paper, file, abrasive belt machine, grinding head and other tools, and is only applicable to smaller deburring.

Die deburring is also a relatively common method. The use of die and punch to remove the burrs on aluminum alloy die castings requires a certain amount of die manufacturing costs, and even requires the production of plastic molds. It is more suitable for die castings with simple surface, and the efficiency and effect of deburring are better than manual work.

Grinding and deburring is also a common removal method, mainly including vibration, sand blasting, roller, etc., which is widely used by die casting manufacturers at present. However, grinding and deburring have the problem of unclean removal, which requires subsequent manual treatment or other methods for deburring. Generally speaking, this method is applicable to mass processing of die-casting products.

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