Belt Pulley Assembly

Gasoline must be used for the last cleaning of the belt pulley assembly to ensure that the parts are clean and dry, so as to ensure that the mating surface is tightly matched and free [...]

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Belt Pulley Installation and Disassembly

Belt Pulley Installation Steps: 1. Check the groove of the belt pulley to ensure that there are no scars or edges and all sizes are up to standard. 2. Clean all parts surface, such as [...]

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Belt Pulley Transmission Advantages

Belt pulley transmission can mitigate load impact, belt pulley transmission runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration, it has simple structure and easy adjustment, belt pulley transmission is not as strict as meshing transmission [...]

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About Machining Belt Pulley

Machining Belt Pulley belongs to hub parts, is generally relatively large in size, and its manufacturing technology is mainly casting and forging. Generally, the larger size is designed by casting method. The material is usually [...]

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Spherical Ball Bearing Seat

Spherical ball bearing seat is a bearing unit which combines rolling bearing with bearing seat. Most of the outer spherical bearings are spherical in outer diameter, which are mounted together with the bearing seat with [...]

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Role of Block Bearings

Brief Introduction for Block Bearings: Bearing with seat is composed of outer spherical ball bearing with seal on both sides and cast (or stamped) bearing seat. The inner structure of the block bearings is the [...]

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About Bearing Pedestals

What are the functions of bearings and bearing pedestals? Bearing is used to make the shaft run along the circumference and support the shaft, the conventional use is two bearings or more, its role is [...]

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About Dump Pumps

The working principle of the dump pumps is the same as that of the external mixing self-suction pump. The difference is that the backwater does not flow to the outer edge of the impeller, but [...]

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Hydraulic Cylinder can’t Drive Load when Working

Why does Hydraulic cylinder can not drive load when working? The main manifestations are inaccurate stopping of piston rod, insufficient thrust, reduced speed and unstable operation. The reasons are as follows: (1) Internal leakage of [...]

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Introduction of Hydraulic Cylinder

Introduction of Hydraulic Cylinder: Hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and performs linear reciprocating motion (or oscillating motion). It is simple in structure and reliable in operation. When [...]

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