Hydraulic Valve Block Processing

What is the reason for the failure of hydraulic valve block processing? The processing failure of hydraulic valve block will affect all hydraulic systems. This paper summarizes the common phenomena of hydraulic valve block processing [...]

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Design Experience of Hydraulic Valve Blocks

1. The shape of the hydraulic valve blocks is generally rectangular hexahedron. 2. Valve block material should be 35 steel forgings or continuous casting billets. 3. The large side length of the valve block should [...]

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High Temperature Bearing Seat

Because the high temperature bearing seat should not only meet the requirements of high precision stamping bearing seat, but also meet the requirements of high temperature stamping bearing pedestal, the following two points should be [...]

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Cleaning of Bearing Seats

Before the bearing seats are installed and guided, it should also be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Scrape the dirt away with a scraper inside the bearing seat, wipe the dirt away with a cloth dipped [...]

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Maintenance of Bearing Base

Special attention should be paid to the following points in the use of bearing base: 1. Use of cooling system of bearing base. When the cooling water of bearing seat is used correctly, not only [...]

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Bearing Seat Wear

Bearing seat wear often occurs. Traditional repairing methods usually use machine-processing after surfacing to repair, and surfacing can make the surface of parts reach a high temperature, causing parts to deform or crack, and the [...]

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Rotary Disc Bearing Block

Rotary disc bearing block is a kind of large and super large bearing pedestal which can accept comprehensive load and has special structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation and convenient device [...]

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Piston Structure

The whole piston structure can be divided into three parts: piston top, piston head and piston skirt. The main function of the piston is to bear the combustion pressure in the cylinder and transmit this [...]

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About Pistons

The pistons are a reciprocating motion part in the cylinder block of automobile engine. The basic structure of piston can be divided into top, head and skirt. The top of the piston is the main [...]

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Advantages of Precision Machining

Precision machining is a rigorous and complex process, which is widely used in the processing of various parts, ranging from mobile phone parts to aerospace equipment parts. Why do these people have to deal with [...]

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