Infiltration, shaping, and repair of die-casting parts

Author: Date Published: May 16,2023

1. Infiltration of die-casting parts

Infiltration treatment is the process of immersing a Die Casting into a infiltration solution with infiltration and filling functions, allowing the infiltration solution to penetrate into the loose areas inside the die casting, thereby enhancing the airtightness of the high-pressure casting.

2. Shaping of die-casting parts

Die Castings produced according to conventional procedures generally do not deform. Castings with complex shapes and thin walls may be deformed due to uneven force during ejection or improper holding time, as well as collisions during transportation, or due to structural limitations of the castings themselves, resulting in residual stress (such as warping of castings with larger planes after die-casting). In general, manual or mechanical correction is allowed after deformation.

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3. Repair of die-casting parts

When defects that do not meet the technical requirements are found in die-casting or processed castings, they are generally scrapped. Repairs should only be carried out in the following situations and when there is a possibility of repair.

① Castings with complex shapes, difficult die-casting, or long processing cycles.

② Equipped with cast in inserts, which are made of very valuable materials or are difficult to manufacture and cannot be reused after recycling.

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