GIHO-K..DO Rod Ends Hydraulic Components For Agricultural Drones

GIHO-K..DO Rod Ends Hydraulic Components For Agricultural Drones

Bearing number:GIHO-K12 DO*/GIHO-K16 DO/GIHO-K20 DO/GIHO-K25 DO/



Materials:Stainless steel/alloy steel

Load ratings(Max.KN/Dynamic):610

Load ratings(Max.KN/Static):865

Warranty:1 Year

Business Type: Manufacturer

Brand Name: SAIVS

Place of Origin:Ningbo,ZheJiang

Customized support:OEM,ODM


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GIHO-K..DO Rod Ends Hydraulic Components For Agricultural Drones-2-Image-SAIVS
GIHO-K..DO Rod Ends Hydraulic Components For Agricultural Drones-3-Image-SAIVS
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Bearing numberDimensions  mmkNWeight  KG
dBd1C1d2Gh1L3L4C2d4d5L7αºLoad ratings kN/DynamicLoad ratings kN/Static
GIHO-K12 DO*121015835M10*1.25421559.5131740161110.8170.12
GIHO-K16 DO161420.71145M12*1.25481770.5132145201021.128.50.22
GIHO-K20 DO201624.21355M14*1.5581985.51725552593042.50.43
GIHO-K25 DO252029.31765M16*1.56823100.517306230748670.67
GIHO-K30 DO302234.21980M20*1.58529125193677356621081.25
GIHO-K40 DO402845.0 23100M27*2.0105371552345904571001562.16
GIHO-K50 DO503555.930120M33*2.01304619030551055861562453.90 
GIHO-K60 DO604466.838160M42*2.01505723038681346862453807.15
GIHO-K80 DO805589.447205M48*2.018564287.5479015682640058515

Dimensions in mm

Note: For left-hand thread.Please add suffix “L".e. g.GIHO-KL50 DO.

Relubrication not possible for the size marked"*-

Sliding contact surfaces: Steel/ Steel

Design and application features:

Rod End housing with right or left-hand female thread,

it is made up of a radial spherical plain bearingGE..ES or GE..ES2RS 

and rod end housing,with locking slot and unt.Rod end housing with a lubricating hole or grease nipple.

lt has characteristics of large loadcapability, easy mounting and dismounting and mechanism simplification.

Camera and Sensor Gimbal Articulation: The GIHO-K..DO Rod Ends are integrated into the gimbal systems of Agricultural Drones, allowing for 

the controlled movement and articulation of cameras and sensors. They provide a pivotal connection point, enabling precise adjustments to 

capture optimal images and data during aerial surveys of agricultural fields.

Hydraulic Actuation for Payload Release: These components can be used in hydraulic systems that control the release of payloads, such as

seed dispensers or fertilizers, allowing for targeted and controlled distribution over specific areas of the field.

Precision Agriculture Applications: In precision agriculture, the GIHO-K.Does Rod Ends contribute to the precise positioning of agricultural tools or sensors attached to the drone? They play a role in maintaining the correct orientation and angle for optimal data collection or application of agricultural inputs.

Drone Wing and Rotor Articulation: These rod ends can be employed in the articulation mechanisms of drone wings or rotors, contributing to controlled movement and stability during flight. The Hydraulic Components assist in adjusting the angle of the drone's wings or rotors for 

optimized flight performance.

Spraying System Control: In agricultural drones equipped with spraying systems, the GIHO-K.DO Rod Ends can be part of the hydraulic control systems. They facilitate the precise adjustment of spraying nozzles, ensuring accurate coverage and distribution of pesticides or fertilizers over the crops.

Terrain-Following Systems: Hydraulic components in agricultural drones with terrain-following capabilities may utilize these rod ends for 

controlled movement.

The components contribute to adjusting the drone's altitude in response to varying terrain and maintaining a consistent and safe flight path.

Vibration Damping for Payload Stability: Agricultural drones often operate in dynamic environments. The GIHO-K..DO Rod Ends contribute to 

the absorption of shocks and vibrations, enhancing the stability of payloads during flight.

Integration with Drone Autopilot Systems: These components may be integrated into the drone's autopilot system, allowing for automated 

adjustments in response to changing flight conditions or mission parameters.


Company Profile:

Established in 1989, Ningbo Saivs Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in investment casting, sand casting, and die castings. Our TS 16949-certified facility in Ningbo, China, ensures top-notch quality and timely delivery.

With extensive import and export experience, we offer high-quality products at competitive prices, tailored to your specific requirements. Our strong R&D and QC departments guarantee products meet stringent criteria, with the flexibility to produce according to your drawings and samples.

Producing over 12,000 tons annually across 1,000 varieties, our castings serve industries such as metallurgy, automotive, chemical, shipbuilding, and hardware. Over 60% of our products are exported globally. Our advanced facilities include medium-frequency induction furnaces, die-casting machines (250-1600 tons), and cutting-edge testing instruments.

Quality Standard:

We excel in producing Rod Ends Hydraulic Components for superior performance and durability. Precision engineering, overseen by our dedicated experts, ensures products meet stringent quality criteria.

Competitive Pricing:

Our dedication to producing superior connecting components is evident in the quality of our Rod Ends Hydraulic Components. Precision engineering, 

closely monitored by our experts, guarantees that our products consistently meet and surpass stringent quality standards, ensuring 

exceptional performance and durability.

The company according to the process and product structure consisting of organic processing, automatic grinding, and centerless grinding, 

linear guide, heat treatment, assembly • total 6 workshops, integrated use of the machining, all kinds of grinding machining, the common heat treatment with high-frequency heat treatment, stamping, rolling, polishing, the malleable cast made, injection molding, welding, adhesive, 

constant temperature baking, such as dozens of technology and equipment, to meet the different needs of customer production from global 


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