SCS..LUU Series Linear Motion Ball Slide Units For Meteorological Instruments

SCS..LUU Series Linear Motion Ball Slide Units For Meteorological Instruments

Bearing number:SCS8LUU/SCS10LUU/SCS12LUU/SCS13LUU/




Load Ratings(C.N):4700

Load Ratings(C0.N):10000

Material:Aluminum Alloy/Steel/Plastic/

Bearing Balls/Sealing Materials

Warranty:1 Year

Business Type: Manufacturer

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Customized support:OEM,ODM


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DesignationDimensions (mm)Slide bush Weight (g)
ThEWLFGBCKS1S2L1Designation Basic load rating
dynmic static CoN

Anemometer Wind Direction Control: SCS.LUU Series units are utilized in anemometers to control the direction-sensing elements. The linear motion ball slide

units enable precise adjustments, ensuring accurate alignment of the sensors with the wind direction. This contributes to reliable and accurate wind speed and 

direction measurements.

Weather Vane Orientation Mechanism: In weather vanes used for measuring wind direction, SCS.LUU Series units are employed in the orientation mechanism. 

These units facilitate smooth and controlled rotation of the weather vane, allowing Meteorological Instruments to accurately capture changes in wind direction 

over time.

Telescopic Mast Elevation Control: Meteorological instruments often include telescopic masts for deploying sensors at different heights. SCS.LUU Series units are integrated into the elevation control mechanisms of these masts, enabling precise and stable adjustments. This ensures accurate measurement of atmospheric 

parameters at various altitudes.

Rain Gauge Collection Mechanism: Linear Motion Ball Slide Units are utilized in the collection mechanisms of rain gauges. These units enable controlled 

movement of the collection container, ensuring accurate and consistent measurement of rainfall. The smooth linear motion allows for precise recording of 

precipitation data.

Sun Tracker for Solar Radiation Measurements: Instruments that measure solar radiation often require a sun tracker for optimal orientation. SCS.LUU Series units are incorporated into the sun tracking mechanisms, allowing for precise adjustment of the instrument to maximize exposure to sunlight. This is crucial for 

accurate solar radiation measurements in meteorological applications.

Barometric Pressure Sensor Calibration: Instruments that measure barometric pressure utilize SCS.LUU Series units for the calibration mechanisms. These units 

facilitate controlled movements for adjusting the calibration settings of pressure sensors, ensuring accurate and reliable atmospheric pressure readings.

Tipping Bucket Mechanism in Hydrometers: Hydrometers equipped with tipping bucket mechanisms for measuring precipitation use SCS.LUU Series units. 

These units enable controlled tipping of the bucket, ensuring accurate recording of rainfall events and contributing to precise precipitation data collection.


Company Profile:

Established in 1989, Ningbo Saivs Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in investment casting, sand casting, and die castings. Our TS 16949-certified facility in Ningbo, China, ensures top-notch quality and timely delivery.

With extensive import and export experience, we offer high-quality products at competitive prices, tailored to your specific requirements. Our strong R&D and QC departments guarantee products meet stringent criteria, with the flexibility to produce according to your drawings and samples.

Producing over 12,000 tons annually across 1,000 varieties, our castings serve industries such as metallurgy, automotive, chemical, shipbuilding, and hardware. Over 60% of our products are exported globally. Our advanced facilities include medium-frequency induction furnaces, die-casting machines (250-1600 tons), and cutting-edge testing instruments.

Quality Standard:

We excel in producing Linear Motion Ball Slide Units for superior performance and durability. Precision engineering, overseen by our dedicated experts, ensures products meet stringent quality criteria.

Competitive Pricing:

Our dedication to producing superior connecting components is evident in the quality of our Linear Motion Ball Slide Units. Precision engineering, 

closely monitored by our experts, guarantees that our products consistently meet and surpass stringent quality standards, ensuring 

exceptional performance and durability.

The company according to the process and product structure consisting of organic processing, automatic grinding, and centerless grinding, 

linear guide, heat treatment, assembly • total 6 workshops, integrated use of the machining, all kinds of grinding machining, the common heat treatment with high-frequency heat treatment, stamping, rolling, polishing, the malleable cast made, injection molding, welding, adhesive, 

constant temperature baking, such as dozens of technology and equipment, to meet the different needs of customer production from global 


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