An overview of Gravity Die Casting

Author: Date Published: May 15,2023

An overview of Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die pour

gravity die casting is used to manufacture casting parts from non-ferrous materials such as aluminium or low-temperature alloys. The process is used to create intricately shaped components for a wide range of industrial applications in the defence, medical and energy sectors. It involves pouring molten metal, under the force of gravity, into a pre-formed Cast Iron block which is fully machined to produce the die.

In this blog, we take a look at the process and the benefits of this technique.

There are four main steps involved in gravity die casting. First of all, the two halves of the die are heated and sprayed with a coating before being clamped together.

This lubrication helps to prevent premature solidification and it also aids the removal of the casting.

The molten metal is then poured into the cavity of the die. The metal solidifies at a rapid rate before it is allowed to cool. Finally, the die is opened and the cast parts are removed.

How does die casting compare with other techniques?

There are several key benefits over other equivalent manufacturing processes. These include:

high production rates - many hundreds of castings can be produced in one day

excellent dimensional accuracy - offering durability and dimensional stability

versatility - complex and simple shapes can be engineered

higher tensile strength and improved mechanical properties - as compared with Sand Casting

multiple finishes - smooth or textured surfaces can be produced

only minimal finishing is needed

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