Ten methods for deburring in pressure casting

Author: Date Published: May 15,2023

During the production process of pressure casting, burr is unavoidable due to pressure impact and insufficient locking force. In recent years, with the increasing quality requirements of Die Castings, the requirements for burrs are more stringent, and the deburring methods are also emerging endlessly.

Deburring procedure is also a headache, here is a brief introduction of some deburring methods, hope to help you.

1. Manual deburring

This is also commonly used in general enterprises, using file, sandpaper, grinding head and other auxiliary tools. The file has manual and pneumatic misalignment.

Brief comment: Labor cost is expensive, efficiency is not very high, and it is difficult to remove complex crosshole. The technical requirements for workers are not very high, suitable for products with small burrs and simple product structure.

2. Die deburring

The production die is used together with the punch for deburring.

Brief comment: The production cost of dies (rough die + fine die) and reshaping dies may also be required. It is suitable for products with simple parting surface and has better efficiency and deburring effect than manual work.

3. Deburring by grinding

Such deburring includes vibration, sand blasting, drum and other methods, which are widely used by enterprises at present.

Brief comment: There is a problem that the deburring is not very clean, and it may require subsequent manual deburring or other deburring methods. Suitable for small products with large batches

4. Freezing deburring

Brittle the burr quickly with cooling and then remove the burr with shot pellet

Brief comment: The price of equipment is about 2.3 million yuan, which is suitable for products with small burr wall thickness and small product.

5. Hot Burr Removal

It is also called thermal deburring and explosive deburring. By introducing some natural gases into an equipment furnace, and then by the action of some media and conditions, the gas can explode instantaneously and the energy generated by the explosion can be used to dissolve and remove burrs.

Brief comment: expensive equipment (millions of prices), high technical requirements for operation, low efficiency, side effects (rust, deformation)

It is mainly used in some high-precision parts fields, such as automobile and aerospace.

6. Deburring by engraving machine

Brief comment: The price of equipment is not very expensive (tens of thousands), which is suitable for simple space structure and simple and regular deburring position.

7. Chemical deburring

Based on the principle of electrochemical reaction, parts made of metal materials are automatically and selectively deburred.

Brief comment: Suitable for internal burrs which are difficult to remove and for small burrs of pump body, valve body and other products (thickness less than 7 wires)

8. Electrolytic deburring

A seed electrochemical method for removing burrs from metal parts by electrolysis.

Brief comment: Electrolyte is corrosive to some extent. Near the burrs of parts, it is also electrolytic. The surface will lose its original gloss and even affect the dimensional accuracy. Workpieces should be cleaned and rust-proof after deburring. Electrolytic deburring is suitable for deburring concealed parts with cross holes or complex shapes. It is highly efficient and takes only a few seconds to a few tens of seconds to deburr. It is also suitable for deburring gears, connecting rods, valves and crankshaft oil passage openings, as well as sharp chamfers, etc.

9. Deburring by high-pressure water jet

Water is used as the medium to remove burrs and flying edges from the process by means of its instantaneous impact force while achieving the purpose of cleaning.

Comment: Expensive equipment, mainly used in the heart of the car and hydraulic control system of Construction Machinery

10. Ultrasonic deburring

Ultrasound Generates Instantaneous High Pressure to Remove Burrs

Brief comment: Mainly aimed at some micro-burrs. Generally, if the burrs need to be observed by a microscope, they can be removed by ultrasonic method.

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