What are the requirements of aluminum alloy die casting for the function of die steel?

Author: Date Published: May 16,2023

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1. High tempering resistance and cold and hot fatigue resistance of aluminum alloy die-casting

Many aluminum alloy die-casting dies produced continuously should maintain their high hardness, and should not stick to the mold and scale when they are at a certain temperature for a long time.

The mold surface is corroded and oxidized by molten metal for a long time, and micro-cracks will gradually occur. In most cases, thermal fatigue is an important factor that determines the life of the Die Casting mold.

2. Sufficient strength, hardness, plasticity and heat resistance

The aluminum alloy die casting die is subject to the effects of high temperature, high pressure and thermal stress when molten metal is injected, and is prone to deformation and even cracking. Therefore, the die steel should have sufficient high temperature strength and toughness, as well as high hardness and heat resistance at the working temperature.

3. Excellent thermal conductivity

The aluminum alloy die-casting mold has been exposed to the high temperature effect of 600-700 ℃ for a long time. In order to ensure other functions, it is necessary to have excellent thermal conductivity.

4. Excellent resistance to molten metal damage

High temperature and high pressure casting can cause significant melting damage, and the mold should have greater resistance to this. It is also provided with appropriate protective layers such as oxidation mode and nitriding layer, without decarburization layer.

5. Good permeability and small heat treatment deformation

No matter which method is used for heat treatment, it is necessary to obtain uniform hardness, so it is required to have good hardenability, especially to carve the mold cavity before heat treatment, and to use the data with small heat treatment deformation, which is particularly important for large scale molds.

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