Technical Requirements for Investment Casting

Author: Date Published: May 16,2023


Throughout the production process, precision casting solidifies its liquid immediately at room temperature and pours the compound into its unique Die Casting dielectric layer. Precision casting is susceptible to solids and is then immediately heated to liquid metal. Composites used include lead, copper, iron and aluminium.

Metals, sand or ceramics can be used as the raw material for die casting in precision casting. Different methods must be used according to their different requirements throughout the use process. This manufacturing method is called cast iron parts and the type of metal used can be grey cast iron or grey cast iron.

In the process of cylinder plug machining in Investment Casting, investment casting can produce and manufacture complex appearance components, especially complex inner wall blanks. In the investment casting process of mining machinery, the application range is very wide. Generally speaking, common metal composite materials in industrial production can be calcined.

Precision casting has a wide range of raw materials and products are very inexpensive throughout its use. The appearance, specifications and parts of old parts, scrap steel and cut castings of mechanical equipment are very close, which can reasonably reduce the amount of milling and generally belong to non-milling production.

The production and manufacture of many precision castings reasonably provide favorable specifications for processing plants. A very powerful technical design method is used throughout the application. Product air impact design lines incorporate fast, high-precision design and production line requirements. Coring methods include shell core and other efficient methods.

The pouring temperature and speed of stainless steel coated Sand Castings must be strictly controlled. Then the procedure for casting stainless steel castings

1. Casting temperature. Different pouring temperatures have a great influence on the quality of stainless steel castings. Therefore, the proper pouring temperature should be determined according to the type of aluminium alloys used for stainless steel castings, the structure of cast iron and the casting properties of metals. Generally speaking, the pouring temperature determined by everyone when pouring stainless steel castings should be between 1540 - 1580 C.

2. Throwing rate. The drawing speed is related to the forming speed of stainless steel castings. Therefore, stainless steel castings of different sizes should be selected with different pouring speeds to ensure relatively smooth gas discharge in the cavity. Generally speaking, fast pouring speed should be selected for stainless steel castings, while slow pouring speed should be selected for full-sequence solidification of stainless steel castings.

3. Pay attention to small and medium stainless steel castings. The molten steel must rest for 2 minutes before pouring.

4. After successful casting of stainless steel castings, the iron pressing and shell clamps must be removed immediately after solidification of the cast iron, otherwise the stainless steel castings will crack.

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