China Customized Sand Casting Axle Box For Metro

China Customized Sand Casting Axle Box For Metro

Model Number: OEM

Delivery Time: 7 days

Minimum Order: 4 Pieces

Supply Ability: 23000 Pieces per Month

Warranty:1 Year

Packing: wooden case,carton box,single polybag

Origin: Ningbo,China

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Basic Info:

Item Name: China Customized Sand Casting Axle Box For Metro Material: Steel,alloy steel aluminuim,copper,stainless steel,plastic

Customized COLOR

Application:  Industry, agriculture, engineering, machinery, etc
Finish surface treatment: Galvanizing, painting, power  coating, dacro, oxidation Size: Customized Size
Process: Froging ,heat treatment  CNC Lathe Machining, Milling, CNC machining center Testing Equipment: Food Machinery Assembly parts

Image Gallery:

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Product Description:

Products are mainly used in the industrial field, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery and other applications, the main materials are plastics, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel through different stamping, INVESTMENT CASTING, SAND CASTING, LOST WAX CASTING, FORGING, DIE CASTING, CNC MACHINING and other processes processing into various parts, according to customer requirements for production and processing, All production of parts materials, dimensions, surface treatment and other technical specifications must meet the customer's design drawing requirements.

Development Process:

We can produce according to customer requirements, after receiving customer samples or drawings, first evaluate the production process of the product, and carefully calculate the cost of the product, under the premise of ensuring quality, select the manufacturing process at the lowest cost. After the manufacturing process is determined, the parts that need to open the mold need to be developed in the premise, because the opening time will generally be between 30-60 days, so as not to delay the delivery time. Product engineers who need to manufacture different processes will plan and decompose 3D2D drawings according to requirements, and formulate SOPs, while carrying out quality control, testing and inspection tool design planning work, APQP PPAP FMEA and other control plans, to ensure quality under the premise of delivery to customers on time. After the customer confirms that the product meets the requirements, it will be mass-produced. Our products adhere to strict industry standards and customer standards. Strict implementation of IATF16949 quality management system, engineers with rich manufacturing experience in the industry and production workers who have been engaged in production for many years ensure the quality of products. To provide customers with high quality and high price products

Quality Control:

We have a complete range of testing equipment, with material mechanical properties, material chemical properties, size testing CMM, finish detection, surface treatment thickness, adhesion detection, salt spray test, metallographic analysis and other test equipment. Proficiency in the use of SPC, MAS quality data analysis tools to ensure the quality of the product.

About Us:

1.We have 630T-2500T forging equipment, products from 0.5KG-40KG production capacity,We have abundant experience of import and export, and can offer our clients good quality products with very competitive price and fast delivery. we can do according to your requirement. 2.Our strong R&D and QC department can control the products to meet your strict requirement. 100% according to your drawings and your samples. We offer the engineer consultation to your design for production improvement and cost saving. We can provide packing according to your specific requirements. 3.Our clients distribute widely, like in Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, UK, France, Russia,USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay and many other countries.

China Customized Sand Casting Axle Box For Metro

Ningbo saivs: Your dependable partner for Sand Casting, shaping possibilities across industries. Since 1989, we've honed our expertise, delivering exceptional 

solutions from the heart of China's bustling port city.

Basic process of sand casting:

1. Create a mold by placing a pattern in the sand.

2. Set up a gating system to incorporate the pattern and sand.

3. Eliminate the pattern from the mold.

4. Pour molten metal into the mold cavity.

5. Let the metal cool and solidify.

6. Break away the sand mold and extract the casting.

We supply the following Railway Parts:

1. Axle Box Bearing Body with Labyrinth No 100.10.009 or says 1750.10.009

2. Axle box bearing Body with Labyrinth No 1750.10.009 or says 1750.10.020

3. Axle box bearing body 100.10.014

4. Lid Fixing Cover 100.10.002 or says 1750.10.001

5. Labyrinth Ring 100.10.015, 1750.10.011 ( 4 holes ring )

6. Back ring 100.10.007 or says 1750.10.008

In the pulse of every bustling metropolis, a hidden hero tirelessly carries the weight of millions. It's the axle box, the silent guardian of the metro's wheels, 

ensuring smooth rides and unwavering reliability. At SAIVS, we take pride in crafting customized sand-casting axle boxes in China, 

built to deliver the unparalleled performance your metro system deserves.

Why Sand Casting? The Strength that Stands the Test of Time:

Uncompromising Durability

Sand cast iron boasts exceptional tensile strength and wear resistance, effortlessly handling the immense pressures and constant friction of metro operations. 

No need to worry about fatigue or cracking – our axle boxes are built to traverse millions of miles.

Dimensional Precision 

Every curve and contour is meticulously cast to your precise specifications, ensuring perfect wheel alignment and optimal bearing contact. 

This translates to smoother rides, reduced noise, and extended component life.

Temperature Resilience 

Our axle boxes maintain their structural integrity even under extreme heat generated by braking and friction. 

This superior thermal stability safeguards your metro's vital components and minimizes maintenance downtime.

Customization: Tailored Solutions for Every Track:

We understand that every metro system is unique. That's why we don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. 

Our expert engineers collaborate with you to design and manufacture axle boxes that seamlessly integrate with your specific train designs and operational 


Unleash your design vision

From intricate internal features and weight optimization to material selection and surface treatments, 

we bring your blueprints to life with unparalleled precision and attention to detail.

Material mastery, at your command

Choose from a variety of ductile or gray iron grades, each offering specific strength, machinability, and wear resistance characteristics to match your metro's 

demands and budget.

Beyond the casting

We offer comprehensive finishing and assembly services, including heat treatment, machining, and bearing integration, 

delivering ready-to-install axle boxes that simplify your operations.

Our axle boxes are not just about technical prowess; they contribute to a delightful passenger experience and operational excellence.

Smoother, quieter rides 

The inherent damping properties of iron minimize noise and vibration, creating a more comfortable and relaxing environment for your passengers.

Reduced maintenance costs 

The exceptional durability and wear resistance of our axle boxes translate to longer service intervals and minimized maintenance needs, saving you valuable time and resources.

Optimal energy efficiency 

Precise alignment and minimized friction ensure smooth power transfer and optimized energy consumption, contributing to a greener and more sustainable 

metro system.

Standing by Your Side, Every Mile of the Way:

As a leading manufacturer of China's customized sand-casting axle boxes, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. We take pride in:

Rigorous Quality Control

From raw material selection to final inspection, we implement stringent quality measures to ensure every axle box meets your exacting standards and 

international certifications.

Reliable on-time delivery

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our efficient production processes and dedicated team ensure your axle boxes arrive exactly when you 

need them, keeping your metro operations on track.

Unwavering technical support 

Our experienced engineers are always here to answer your questions, troubleshoot challenges, and collaborate on optimizing your metro's performance and 


Let your metro system reach new heights of reliability and passenger satisfaction with China's finest customized sand-casting axle boxes from SAIVS. Experience 

the strength, precision, and user-centric design that paves the way for smooth journeys and a thriving metropolis. contact us today and let's build a future of 

seamless urban mobility, together.


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