GHIR-K..DO Rod Ends Hydraulic Components For Agricultural Harvesters

GHIR-K..DO Rod Ends Hydraulic Components For Agricultural Harvesters

Bearing number:GIHR-K20 DO/GIHR-K25 DO/GIHR-K30 DO/




Materials:alloy steel/Heat-Treated Steel/Stainless Steel/Chrome Plating

Load ratings(Max.KN/Dynamic):1370

Load ratings(Max.KN/Static):6800

Warranty:1 Year

Business Type: Manufacturer

Brand Name: SAIVS

Place of Origin:Ningbo,ZheJiang

Customized support:OEM,ODM


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Bearing numberDimensions  mmkNWeight  KG
dBdkC1d2Gh1L3L4d4d5d1brsαºLoad ratings kN/DynamicLoad ratings kN/Static
GIHR-K20 DO2016291956M16*1.5501780254624.1170.3930420.37
GIHR-K25 DO252035.52356M16*1.5501780254629.3210.6748520.43
GIHR-K30 DO302240.72864M22*1.5602394325034.2260.6662720.7
GIHR-K35 DO3525473078M28*1.57029112406639.7280.66791041.1
GIHR-K40 DO4028533594M35*1.58536135497645330.67991732.1
GIHR-K50 DO50356640116M45*1.510546168619055.9370.671562653.3
GIHR-K60 DO60448050130M58*1.5130592007512066.846162453205.5
GIHR-K70 DO70499255154M65*1.5150662328613077.951263134408.6
GIHR-K80 DO805510560176M80*21708126510516089.4553640057012.0 
GIHR-K90 DO906011565206M100*221010132312418098.1604549098021.5
GIHR-K100 DO1007013070230M110*2235111360138200109.56557607112028
GIHR-K110 DO1107014080265M120*3265125407.51522201207566655170040.5
GIHR-K120 DO1208516090340M130*33101354901722571308576950290076
GIHR-K140 DO14090180100350M140*4345145530200290150928710805400102
GIHR-K160 DO160105200110380M150*44001656002203001701029813706800170

Dimensions in mm

Note:For left-hand thread, suffix "L" is added to bearing number and thread sign, e.g.GlHL-K 30 Do.

Sliding contact surfaces : Steel/ Steel

Design and application features:

Rod End with locking slot is made up of a rod end and a radial spherical plain bearing of series G..ES,

fixed in housing bysnap rings, rod end of carbon steel(d≤80) or spheroidal graphite cast steel(d≥90O),

Thread can be closed because shand isslotted, thread clamping by two hexagon socket screws; 

Can be lubricated via a has characteristics of large load-capability, easy mounting and dismounting and mechanism simplification.

Hydraulic Steering System Connection: GHIR-K..DO Rod Ends are commonly used to connect the hydraulic steering system components in Agricultural Harvesters. This ensures precise control over the steering mechanism, allowing farmers to navigate the harvester accurately through fields.

Articulation of Harvesting Headers: These rod ends facilitate the articulation and movement of harvesting headers in agricultural harvesters. 

They provide the necessary hydraulic connections to adjust the angle and position of the headers for efficient crop harvesting.

Hydraulic Control for Reel Systems: GHIR-K..DO rod ends are integrated into hydraulic control systems for reel mechanisms. 

This allows for the precise adjustment and control of the reel's movement, ensuring optimal harvesting performance, especially in crops with varying heights.

Height Adjustment of Cutting Units: The components are used in the hydraulic height adjustment systems of cutting units in harvesters. 

This feature enables farmers to adjust the cutting height based on crop conditions, optimizing the harvesting process for different crops.

Hydraulic Lifting of Unloading Augers: In some agricultural harvesters, GHIR-K..DO rod ends are employed in the hydraulic systems responsible for lifting and 

positioning unloading augers. This facilitates the controlled unloading of harvested crops into storage containers.


Company Profile:

Established in 1989, Ningbo Saivs Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in investment casting, sand casting, and die castings. Our TS 16949-certified facility in Ningbo, China, ensures top-notch quality and timely delivery.

With extensive import and export experience, we offer high-quality products at competitive prices, tailored to your specific requirements. Our strong R&D and QC departments guarantee products meet stringent criteria, with the flexibility to produce according to your drawings and samples.

Producing over 12,000 tons annually across 1,000 varieties, our castings serve industries such as metallurgy, automotive, chemical, shipbuilding, and hardware. Over 60% of our products are exported globally. Our advanced facilities include medium-frequency induction furnaces, die-casting machines (250-1600 tons), and cutting-edge testing instruments.

Quality Standard:

We excel in producing rod ends for superior performance and durability. Precision engineering, overseen by our dedicated experts, ensures products meet stringent quality criteria.

Competitive Pricing:

Our dedication to producing superior connecting components is evident in the quality of our rod ends. Precision engineering, 

closely monitored by our experts, guarantees that our products consistently meet and surpass stringent quality standards, ensuring 

exceptional performance and durability.

The company according to the process and product structure consisting of organic processing, automatic grinding, and centerless grinding, 

linear guide, heat treatment, assembly • total 6 workshops, integrated use of the machining, all kinds of grinding machining, the common heat treatment with high-frequency heat treatment, stamping, rolling, polishing, the malleable cast made, injection molding, welding, adhesive, 

constant temperature baking, such as dozens of technology and equipment, to meet the different needs of customer production from global 


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