Problems in quality control of aluminum die castings

Author: Date Published: May 16,2023

Problems in quality control of aluminum die castings

China's die-casting industry has continuously developed and applied new technologies and materials, which can also be seen everywhere in life. The characteristics of aluminum Die Casting production determine its production, management, die casting and other technological level. If the control is not good, the scrap rate of die casting will be high, which will cause the waste of human, material and financial resources, and seriously affect the economic benefits and product quality. How to control the quality of aluminum die castings?

1. Control raw materials.

In order to ensure the die-casting quality and improve the product qualification rate, the quality should be strictly controlled when selecting raw materials. Usually, the chemical composition of the main elements of the alloy is determined through each incoming sampling inspection, and then the chemical composition of aluminum, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and other chemical components is strictly controlled according to the impact of each element in the alloy on die-casting, processing, surface treatment and other subsequent processes.

2. Mold Quality Control.

The quality of aluminum die casting is directly related to the structural design of the die. For example, the inner gate should ensure the proper flow, flow and pressure for alloy melting; The overflow groove shall be designed to ensure that metal can fill the mold cavity, so as to reduce die-casting defects, such as casting defects, looseness, shrinkage, etc; The exhaust tank shall be designed to ensure smooth exhaust. Only if the mold structure is designed properly, the quality and production efficiency of aluminum Die Castings will not be affected.

Therefore, the quality of aluminum die castings must pay attention to raw materials and molds. Only by controlling the quality from these aspects can high-quality die castings be obtained.

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