Unlocking Diversity: 3 Types of Sand Molds Commonly Used in Sand Casting

Author: Date Published: Mar 25,2024

Sand Casting is a metal casting process that uses sand molds to produce metal castings. 

The sand mold is made of sand and a binder, which can be clay, sodium silicate, resin, etc.

Sand casting

1. green sand mold

Green sand mold is the most commonly used type of sand mold in sand casting. 

It uses clay as a binder and adds a certain amount of water to the sand mold. 

The advantages of green sand mold are:

-Simple to manufacture and low-cost

-Wide applicability, can be used to cast castings of various materials

-Good high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

The disadvantages of green sand mold are:

-The strength of the sand mold is low and it is easy to deform

-Long baking time and low production efficiency

2. Sodium Silicate Sand Mold

Sodium silicate sand mold uses sodium silicate as a binder. 

The advantages of sodium silicate sand mold are:

-High sand strength, not easy to deform

-Short baking time and high production efficiency

The disadvantages of sodium silicate sand mold are:

-The manufacturing process is complicated and the cost is high

-Higher requirements for casting equipment

3. Resin Sand Mold

Resin sand mold uses resin as a binder. 

The advantages of resin sand mold are:

-High sand strength, can be used to cast large and complex castings

-Good fluidity and air permeability

-The surface finish of the casting is high

The disadvantages of resin sand mold are:

-Resin sand pollutes the environment


Green sand mold, sodium silicate sand mold, and resin sand molds are the three types commonly used in sand casting. 

Each type of sand mold has its advantages and disadvantages. The type of sand mold should be selected according to the specific requirements of the casting.

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