High Precision CNC Machining Services

High Precision CNC Machining Services

Origin: Ningbo,China

Delivery Time: 5 days

Minimum Order: 3 Pieces

Supply Ability: 3000 Pieces per Month

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Packing: wooden case,carton box,single polybag

Warranty:1 Year

Model Number: OEM

Basic Info:

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Product description:

Welcome to our Precision CNC Machining factory in China! We are proud manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality CNC machining parts, offering custom CNC services such as CNC milling and CNC turning. 

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing top-notch products and services at competitive prices, ensuring customer satisfaction. As a leading CNC machining factory, we have the latest equipment and technology to produce precise and accurate components for a wide range of industries. Quality control is of utmost importance to us, and we guarantee that all of our products meet the highest standards of excellence. 

contact us today for all your CNC machining needs and experience exceptional service, quality, and price in one place.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining makes the machining process automated. The computer controller deciphers G-Code and M-Code (written programs) to determine tool path for selective material removal. Machining used to be a manual process which introduced a significant potential for human error. By making the process computer controlled, the machining is more consistent and lends itself well to mass production. saivs specializes in small to medium parts manufacturing, CNC turning, and CNC milling for the marine, telecommunications, transportation and auto  industries to name a few. We always ensure that our customers receive machined components with absolute accuracy and within critical tolerances. SAIVS is experienced in machining both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We have a wide range of machinery from, horizontal and vertical 4 axis machining centers, and 3 axis turning centers. Below are more specific details about our equipment.

development process:

We can produce wind power blade bushing according to customer requirements, after receiving customer samples or drawings, first evaluate the production process of the product, and carefully calculate the cost of the product, under the premise of ensuring quality, select the manufacturing process at the lowest cost. After the manufacturing process is determined, the parts that need to open the mold need to be developed in the premise, because the opening time will generally be between 30-60 days, so as not to delay the delivery time. Product engineers who need to manufacture different processes will plan to decompose 3D and 2D drawings according to requirements, and formulate SOPs, while carrying out quality control, design and planning of inspection fixtures, APQP PPAP FMEA and other control plans, and deliver them to customers on time under the premise of ensuring quality. After the customer confirms that the product meets the requirements, it will be mass-produced.

Custom Parts:

The  High Precision CNC machining services components can be customized according to customer requirements. Customers only need to provide drawings and material information. Our customized plan can make some parts that are difficult to find easy to obtain. We are 100% reliant on the high quality   High Precision CNC Machining Services components we offer because we produce them according to strict standards. Our parts can give you a competitive edge.



If you have been searching for the best CNCmachining Auto Parts manufacturer, then we are here to help you. NINGBO SAIVS MACHINERY CO., LTD is a reputed and recognized manufacturer and supplier that aim at providing the highest standard of CNCmachining auto parts as per the industry standard. We serve various industries such as Automotive, Medical, earthmover, petroleum, electricity, and lighting.


 All the equipment in our factory is of high quality and new type, which can guarantee the quality of our products. During the manufacture process, supervise the manufacture of products.  All the products of the buyer must pass the strict inspection of the quality inspection department before they can be packaged and shipped to the buyer.

About Us:

1.We have abundant experience of import and export, and can offer our clients good quality products with very competitive price and fast delivery. we can do according to your requirement. 2.Our strong R&D and QC department can control the products to meet your strict requirement. 100% according to your drawings and your samples. We offer the engineer consultation to your design for production improvement and cost saving. We can provide packing according to your specific requirements. 3.Our clients distribute widely, like in Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, UK, France, Russia,USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay and many other countries.


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What is high precision CNC?

High precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is a manufacturing process that involves cutting and shaping materials using computer-guided tools with extremely high levels of accuracy and repeatability. High precision CNC machines are capable of achieving tolerances in the range of microns and fractions of microns, and are often used in the production of complex parts and components where accuracy and quality are crucial.

What is the precision of CNC machining?

The precision of CNC machining refers to the level of accuracy and repeatability that can be achieved when using computer-controlled tools to cut, drill, mill, or shape materials. The precision of CNC machining generally depends on several factors including the machine's capabilities, the quality of the design and programming, and the materials being machined. In general, modern CNC machines can achieve tolerances within a few thousandths of an inch, or even fractions of a micron.

What is considered high precision machining?

High precision machining refers to the manufacture of parts and components with exceptionally tight tolerances, typically in the range of microns and fractions of microns. High precision machining requires extremely accurate and precise equipment, tooling, and processes, and is often used in demanding applications such as aerospace, medical devices, and electronics.

How much does a precision CNC machine cost?

The cost of a precision CNC machine can vary widely depending on a range of factors including the machine's size, complexity, and capabilities. Entry-level machines suitable for small-scale production can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. Larger, more advanced machines with higher precision and capacity can range from $100,000 to over $500,000. It's important to choose a machine that meets the specific needs and budget of your business, and to consider ongoing maintenance, training, and software costs when budgeting for a CNC machine.


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