NHS...T Series Female Threaded Rod End Bearing For Livestock Equipment

NHS...T Series Female Threaded Rod End Bearing For Livestock Equipment

Bearing number:NHS3T/NHS4T/NHS5T/NHS6T/NHS8T/NHS10T/



Materials:Steel/stainless steel/aluminum

Load ratings(Max.KN/Dynamic):55000

Load ratings(Max.KN/Static):101000


Warranty:1 Year

Business Type: Manufacturer

Brand Name: SAIVS

Place of Origin:Ningbo,ZheJiang

Customized support:OEM,ODM


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 Bearing numberNHS...T series,Female Threaded - Rod End Bearing Dimensions mmRotational torque kgf-cmkNRadial clearance mmWeight Kg
dBd1C1 max d2 maxh1L3minL4maxL5d4d5rs minLoad ratings N/ DynamicLoad ratings N/ Static
NHS3T36.06.84.512 M3X0.52110275.505.008.00.2110.2-3.5248035000-0.03210
NHS4T47.07.65.2514 M4X0.7241231889.50.2120.2-3.5326049500-0.03212
NHS5T58.07.7616 M5X0.827.012.5359912.00.2120.2-3.5401065400-0.03216
NHS6T69.09.06.7518 M6X130.013.539111013.00.2100.2-3.5494084100-0.03225
NHS8T812.010.4922 M8X1.2536164714.012.516.00.2120.2-3.57760140000-0.03243
NHS10T1014.012.910.526 M10XI.543.019.556.06.5171519.00.2120.2-3.510500196000-0.03272
NHS12T1216.015.41230 M12X1.75502465.06.519.017.522.00.2120.2-3.513700262000-0.032107
NHS14T1419.016.913.534 M14X2572774222025.00.2140.2-3.517200336000-0.04160
NHS16T1621.019.41538 M16X2643383222227.00.2130.2-3.521100420000-0.04210
NHS18T1823.021.91742 M18XI.571369210 272531.00.2140.2-3.525100514000-0.04295
NHS20T2025.024.41846 M20XI.5774010010 30.027.534.00.2120.2-3.530000616000-0.04380
NHS22T2228.025.82050 M22XI.5844110912 323037.00.2130.2-3.536400747000-0.05490
NHS25T2531.029.62256 M24X2944812212 36.033.542.00.2140.2-3.537000770000-0.05870
NHS28T2835.032.32466 M27X21035614315 414040.00.2150.2-3.543000850000-0.051180
NHS30T3037.034.82570 M30X21105614515 414050.00.2160.2-3.5550001010000-0.051450

Dimensions in mm

Note: For left-hand thread ,Please add suffix“L".e.g.NHSL20T

Sliding contact surfaces : Steel/PTFE fabric

Design and application features:

Rod End of steel and zinc coated, with male or female thread, with sliding surface of PTFEcompos it

material, maintenance-free; inner ring of carbon chromium steel,

spherical surface with chromium plating. thas characteristicsof large load capability,

easy mounting and dismounting and mechanism simplification.

Feeding Systems: The NHS...T Series bearings are integrated into the linkage systems of feeding equipment, connecting components such as 

feed dispensers, augers, or conveyors.They provide a pivotal connection point, allowing for controlled movement and articulation of feeding 

mechanisms during the distribution of feed to livestock.

Adjustable Height Mechanisms: These bearings are used in joints where height adjustment mechanisms are located, enabling farmers to 

customize the feeding height for different sizes of livestock.

The threaded rod end design facilitates easy and precise adjustments, ensuring optimal feeding conditions for various animals.

Gate and Pen Operation: In livestock handling equipment, the NHS...T Series bearings may be employed in gates or pen mechanisms, 

contributing to controlled opening and closing actions.They play a role in ensuring that gates operate smoothly and securely during the 

movement of livestock within pens or enclosures.

Milking Parlor Equipment: These bearings can be integrated into the linkage systems of milking parlor equipment, facilitating controlled 

movement of components such as milking clusters or teat cups.Precision in movement is crucial during milking processes, and the threaded 

rod end design allows for accurate adjustments.

Livestock Handling and Sorting Systems: In systems designed for handling and sorting livestock, the NHS...T Series bearings contribute to the movement and positioning of gates, chutes, or sorting mechanisms.The bearings enable smooth and controlled operation, ensuring the safety and efficient handling of animals.

Vibration Damping in Livestock Environment: Livestock environments can be dynamic, with animals moving and interacting. The NHS...T Series bearings contribute to the absorption of shocks and vibrations, enhancing the overall stability and durability of the machinery.


Company Profile:

Established in 1989, Ningbo Saivs Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in investment casting, sand casting, and die castings. Our TS 16949-certified facility in Ningbo, China, ensures top-notch quality and timely delivery.

With extensive import and export experience, we offer high-quality products at competitive prices, tailored to your specific requirements. Our strong R&D and QC departments guarantee products meet stringent criteria, with the flexibility to produce according to your drawings and samples.

Producing over 12,000 tons annually across 1,000 varieties, our castings serve industries such as metallurgy, automotive, chemical, shipbuilding, and hardware. Over 60% of our products are exported globally. Our advanced facilities include medium-frequency induction furnaces, die-casting machines (250-1600 tons), and cutting-edge testing instruments.

Quality Standard:

We excel in producing Female Threaded Rod End Bearing for superior performance and durability. Precision engineering, overseen by our dedicated experts, ensures products meet stringent quality criteria.

Competitive Pricing:

Our dedication to producing superior connecting components is evident in the quality of our Female Threaded Rod End Bearing. Precision engineering, 

closely monitored by our experts, guarantees that our products consistently meet and surpass stringent quality standards, ensuring 

exceptional performance and durability.

The company according to the process and product structure consisting of organic processing, automatic grinding, and centerless grinding, 

linear guide, heat treatment, assembly • total 6 workshops, integrated use of the machining, all kinds of grinding machining, the common heat treatment with high-frequency heat treatment, stamping, rolling, polishing, the malleable cast made, injection molding, welding, adhesive, 

constant temperature baking, such as dozens of technology and equipment, to meet the different needs of customer production from global 


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