Transmission Shaft for Electric Vehicle

Transmission Shaft for Electric Vehicle

Origin: Ningbo,China

Delivery Time: 7 days

Minimum Order: 11 Pieces

Supply Ability: 4000 Pieces per Month

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Packing: wooden case,carton box,single polybag

Model Number: OEM

Basic Info:

Item Name:Transmission Shaft for Electric VehicleMaterial:Steel,alloy steel,stainlessSteel
Color:Natural ColorApplication:AUTO PARTS
Density:7.93 G/cm3Size:Customized Size
Process:Turning, Milling, Lathing, Drilling, Honing, GrindingTesting Equipment:Projector,Pin Gauge,CMM

Image Gallery:

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Transmission Shaft for Electric Vehicle

These shafts are stepped shafts which are used for transmitting power between one source to the other machine absorbing power. On stepped portion of shaft gear, hub or pulley are mounted for transferring motion. Example: Overhead shafts, line shafts, counter shafts and all factory shafts.

What is Shafts?

Shaft is basically the rotating component of any machine, which is round in the cross section and is used for passing the power from one part to another or from the power producing machine to the power absorbing machine. For the transmission of power, one end of the shaft are connected with power source and the other end of the shaft are connected with the machine. Shaft can be solid or hollow according to the requirement, Hollow shaft helps in reducing weight and provide advantage.

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