Brief analysis of the characteristics and advantages of aluminum die casting

Author: Date Published: Apr 28,2023

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Briefly analyze some characteristics and advantages of Aluminum Die Casting.

aluminum die casting is a very popular manufacturing method in the process of production. It has many benefits to a certain extent. Many manufacturers and consumers will choose to use its aluminum die casting.

Features and advantages of aluminum die casting

1. Aluminum die casting has few internal pores during the production process, and heat treatment can be carried out during use. After heat treatment, the strength of the product can be greatly improved, even exceeding that of die-casting products.

2. The product has low density. Relying on liquid self-weight molding, the compactness of the product is lower than that of die-casting, and its strength is also slightly lower, but its elongation is higher.

3. The surface finish of the product is not high. After cooling and shrinkage, the surface of the casting product is easy to form pits similar to skimming.

4. Filling is slow and production efficiency is low. Its production efficiency is only about a quarter of that of high-pressure casting, resulting in high product costs.

5. Mold life is longer than die casting. Low mold cost.

6. The process is relatively simple.

7. Not suitable for the production of thin-walled parts.

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