Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Molds:How To Extend Service Life

Author: Date Published: Nov 27,2023

Extending the service life of die-casting molds is of utmost importance due to several reasons:

1. Cost Efficiency: 

Die-casting molds are a significant investment in the Manufacturing Process.

By extending their service life, companies can maximize their return on investment and minimize 

the need for frequent mold replacements. This leads to cost savings in terms of mold procurement, 

production downtime, and overall operational expenses.

2. Enhanced Productivity: 

A longer mold service life translates to increased productivity. 

When molds are in good condition, they can consistently produce high-quality castings without interruptions.

This reduces production downtime and improves overall manufacturing efficiency.


3. Consistency in Product Quality: 

Die-casting molds that are properly maintained and have an extended

service life contribute to consistent product quality. They help maintain precise dimensions, 

surface finish,and other critical specifications of the castings. 

This is particularly crucial in industries where uniformity and precision are essential.

4. Reduced Scrap and Rework:

Damaged or worn-out molds can result in defective castings, leading to increased scrap rates and the need for rework. 

By extending the mold service life, the occurrence of defects can be minimized, reducing scrap and rework costs.

5. Time Savings: 

Mold replacement or repair can be a time-consuming process that halts production.

By extending the service life of molds, companies can avoid frequent mold changes 

and reduce the time spent on mold maintenance or repairs.

This allows for uninterrupted production schedules and faster time-to-market for products.

How to extending the service life of die-casting molds

Utilizing Mold Cooling System

One of the most effective ways to extend the service life of a Die Casting mold is by using a mold cooling system.

It helps improve the mold's lifespan and enhances production efficiency. Maintaining the proper temperature 

is crucial because die steel has limited tolerance for high temperatures.

Using the mold at high temperatures can easily result in cracks on the mold core's surface.

Additionally, high temperatures can cause the color of the mold core to change and 

excessive utilization of release agents. By implementing a cooling water system,

the excessive use of release agents can be minimized. This not only extends the mold's 

service life but also helps maintain the quality of the casted products.

Preheating the Mold

Preheating the mold is another technique that can increase its lifespan. Cracks often occur when hot molten

metal is poured into the mold due to a rapid temperature exchange. 

Preheating the mold helps prevent the formation of cracks during this process.

For molds with complex designs, it is recommended to preheat them using a blowtorch or gas.

On the other hand, a slow press shot is suitable for molds with simple designs, as preheating 

prepares the mold surface to withstand the high temperatures of the molten metal.

Maintenance of Signal Line

If the mold has an inbuilt neutron flux measuring system, it is important to prevent any contact between

the signal line and the die casting machine. During the production process, short-circuiting can occur

due to the signal line coming into contact with water or the breakage of the contactor.

Faulty signals can damage the mold, causing alarms and automatic stoppages, resulting in time loss or chaotic signals.

In conclusion

Extending the service life of die-casting molds is crucial for cost efficiency, 

enhanced productivity, consistent product quality, reduced scrap and rework, and time savings.

By implementing techniques such as utilizing a mold cooling system, preheating the mold, 

and maintaining the signal line, companies can prolong the lifespan of their molds and reap 

the benefits of improved manufacturing processes. Investing in proper mold maintenance and optimization 

not only saves costs but also ensures the production of High-quality castings and a competitive edge in the industry. 

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