The Mechanical Property Of Stainless Steel Precisoin Casting Is Higher Than That Of Cast Iron

Author: Date Published: May 15,2023

The Mechanical property of stainless steel precision casting is higher than that of Cast Iron, but its casting property is worse than that of cast iron. It has high melting point, easy oxidation of molten steel, poor fluidity of molten steel and large shrinkage.

Processing characteristics of precision casting of stainless steel:

Because the shrinkage of stainless steel precision casting is much large than of cast iron, in order to prevent shrinkage cavity and porosity defects in the casting, most of the Foundry process adopts riser and cold iron and subsidy measures to achieve sequential solidification.

    In order to prevent shrinkage, porosity, porosity and crack defects in stainless steel castings, it is  necessary to make its wall thickness even, avoid sharp angle and right-angle structure, add   sawdust  in molding sand, add coke in core, and use hollow core and oil sand core to improve the  retreat and permeability of sand or core.

2. Due to poor fluidity of molten steel, in order to prevent cold insulation and insufficient casting, the wall thickness of cast steel shall not be less than 8mm; Dry or hot cast; Properly increasing pouring temperature, average of 1520~1600 degree, because of the high pouring temperature, liquid steel superheat, keep long liquid, liquid can be improved.However, if the temperature is too high, it will cause the defects of coarse grain, hot crack, porosity and sticky sand. So generally small, thin wall and complex shape precision castings, the pouring temperature is about steel melting point temperature of +150 degree; The casting system has simple structure and large section size than cast iron. Large, thick wall castings pouring temperature about 100 degree higer than the melting point.

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