Advantages and precautions of aluminum alloy gravity casting?

Author: Date Published: May 16,2023

The thickness of the outer wall of aluminum alloy castings in the process of gravity casting is called wall thickness, which is an important factor in the process of Die Casting. Whether the wall thickness of aluminum alloy castings in gravity casting is reasonable depends on the detailed structure and parameter requirements of castings, and also on the die-casting process. In order to meet various requirements, it is necessary to select materials with Uniform Wall Thickness as far as possible in aluminum alloy gravity casting. Now we will introduce the advantages and precautions of aluminum alloy gravity casting in detail.

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1、 Advantages of aluminum alloy gravity casting:

1. Aluminum alloy gravity castings have good durability, which is a function that many castings do not have Because aluminum has strong stability and oxidation resistance, aluminum die castings will not rust and are relatively corrosion resistant. Because of this, many decorative products are made of aluminum alloy by gravity casting, which can prevent fading.

2. Many tests have proved that aluminum alloy gravity casting parts have good seismic resistance and amazing wind pressure resistance and weather resistance. Therefore, if aluminum alloy gravity casting is used, the properties of castings can be guaranteed. In addition, the weight of aluminum alloy gravity casting is relatively light, which can reduce people's burden and risk.

3. Because the toughness of aluminum is very good, its plasticity is determined. It can be designed into various shapes and has excellent ductility. Because of this, aluminum alloy gravity castings can be used for recycling, which can save resources and increase the application scale. Due to this characteristic of aluminum, its application rate in the industrial market has been greatly improved. In addition, aluminum is relatively light, so it will be more convenient for everyone to use.

2、 Precautions for Aluminum Alloy Gravity Casting

1. The wall of die-casting products should not be too thin. If the large area wall is too thin, it is easy to have defects such as insufficient casting and cold shut.

2. The wall thickness data of die-casting products shall be measured accurately. Under normal conditions, the wall thickness should not exceed 4.5mm. If it is a small and medium-sized aluminum alloy gravity casting, the wall thickness should be within the range of 1-3mm. If it exceeds this range, processing cannot be realized.

3. The wall thickness of aluminum alloy gravity casting products shall be kept uniform, which is conducive to the condensation of alloy liquid during the grinding of abrasive tools and avoids shrinkage cavity, crack and other defects of the casting products. For the part with relatively thick structure of die-casting products, reinforcing rib or cast-in-place insert can be selected for reinforcement to improve its mechanical function and processing performance.

4. During casting, the method of increasing wall thickness shall not be selected to improve the bearing capacity of die-casting products. When the wall thickness of the casting exceeds a certain limit, its mechanical strength will decrease. If the wall thickness of the die casting is too thick, it is easy to produce shrinkage cavity and air hole. In the process of die casting, there will be long solidification time, large reduction and other adverse factors, making it difficult to pull out the core and mold.

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