Die cast product design: 3 considerations

Author: Date Published: Nov 02,2023

Die Casting is a Manufacturing Process used to produce metal

components with high precision and efficiency. 

It involves injecting molten metal into a die, 

which is a mold or cavity that gives the desired shape to the final product.

The die is made of two halves, typically referred to asthe "ejector"

and "cover" sides, that come together to form the parting line.


Draft Angle:

The draft angle refers to the slope or incline on the 

walls of a die used in the casting process

It is determined by the way the die and sliding cores open.

The purpose of the draft angle is to facilitate

the easy removal of the cast from the die. 

By allowing the cast to slide out smoothly instead 

of sticking to the slides, the process becomes 

more efficient and ensures high-quality casting.

Uniform Wall Thickness:

In die casting, it is important to maintain a consistent

wall thickness throughout the component. 

Sudden changes in thickness or geometry can disrupt the

flow of molten metal into the die, leading to the inclusion 

of air and resulting in poor surface finish

Proper calculation and consideration of

the draft angle can help avoid these issues.

Parting Line:

Every component produced through die casting has a parting line,

which is the point where the two halves of the die meet. 

The parting line should be indicated on the component's 

drawing and should be taken into account during the Die Casting Process.

Critical tolerances related to the parting line should be

specified in relation to one of the specific sides of the die, 

namely the "ejector" and "cover" sides.

It is challenging to control critical tolerances 

directly on the parting line itself. 

Additionally, the parting line should not coincide with a

specific feature of the part, as it may affect the aesthetic appearance. 

Calculating the draft angle can help determine

the visibility or concealment of the parting line.

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