Forging and stamping: the current status of automobile stamping technology

Author: Date Published: Jun 11,2024

The modern automotive industry demands ever-increasing production scale, multi-model compatibility, and large, integrated body panels. Traditional rigid, single-model production lines struggle to meet these evolving needs.

1. Mechanization, Automation, and Flexibility:

Coil Handling: Modern production utilizes a high degree of automation for uncoiling, leveling, shearing, and stacking of metal coils.

Transfer Systems: Robotic arms, robots, or transfer devices manage parts between processes in large body panel production lines.

Progressive Dies and Multi-Station Presses: These technologies improve efficiency for small and medium-sized parts and high-volume production, respectively.


2. Key Features of Mechanization and Automation:

High-Volume, Low-Variety Production: Mechanization and automation excel in high-volume production runs with minimal part variations. This minimizes changeover times and maximizes equipment uptime.

Process Suitability: Stamping parts with simple shapes and shallow draw depths are ideal candidates for automation as their processes are readily simplified.

3. Servo Press Technology:

Servo motor technology combined with CNC control in servo presses offers significant advantages:

Flexible Slide Motion: Unlike traditional presses, servo presses allow for programmable slide motion curves, adapting to various stamping needs.

Servo Pressure Cushions: Replacing traditional air cushions, servo pressure cushions enhance production efficiency, improve forming performance, and ensure higher equipment accuracy and stability.

Energy Savings and Reduced Noise: Servo presses offer significant energy savings and operate at lower noise levels.

Digital Stroke Control: The ability to digitally control the slide stroke curve allows servo presses to adapt to a wider range of stamping applications, promoting high-efficiency production.

4. High-pressure forming processes:

Ultra-High Pressure Forming: This technology addresses the need to form complex shapes with high precision using stronger materials like ultra-high-strength steel and titanium alloys. Pressures can reach 600 MPa or even 1000 MPa.

Hot Internal Pressure Forming: This process utilizes heated pressurized media to form complex shapes from low-plasticity materials like high-performance Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys at room temperature.

Ultra-High Strength Steel Forming: As car manufacturers strive for lighter weight structures, the use of high-strength steel presents challenges due to reduced material plasticity. Addressing these challenges requires advancements in bending, pre-forming, high-pressure forming, wall thickness distribution, and lubrication techniques.

Continuous Development of New Forming Processes: Techniques like combined high-pressure forming and welding allow for the creation of lightweight, high-integrity structural components.


5. Multi-piece production processes:

Combining multiple stamping pieces can improve efficiency, material utilization, and mold debugging. Examples include:

Double Die Stamping: Two sets of molds are used simultaneously in the same press for faster production compared to left-right stamping with a single set of molds.

Four-Piece Simultaneous Stamping: A single press and mold combination can produce four outer door panels concurrently.

These advancements in automotive stamping production contribute to faster production cycles, lighter vehicles, and the ability to handle a wider variety of car models, ultimately meeting the demands of the modern automotive industry.

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