Sequence of Investment Casting Technology

Author: Date Published: May 16,2023

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Each mode of production has its own production sequence. Actual operators must produce in accordance with their production sequence, rather than in disorder, which will cause certain damage to the goods produced or product quality problems. Precision die machining is one of them, so what is the sequence of parts machining for precision mechanical equipment? Let me tell you.

1. The reasonable layout of Investment Casting support processing should be considered according to the structure and blank condition of the part and the requirement of accurate positioning and clamping. The key is that the bending strain of the product and commercial workpiece is not damaged.

1. The whole production process of road production process can not impair the accurate positioning of the whole process of next production process and the production process of practical parts clamping the boundary line should also be considered comprehensively.

2. First terminate the inner wall plus production process, then the design and Manufacturing Process.

3. In order to reduce the frequency of continuous accurate positioning, tool change and nut movement in investment casting process, the connection is terminated by the same accurate positioning, clamping method or the production process of the same knife manufacturing.

4. During the whole process of multiple production stops in the same equipment, proper layout is required to reduce bending strain damage of investment casting joint products and commercial workpieces.

2. Centralized sequencing method of CNC blades: i.e. dividing the production process according to common CNC blades and producing parts with the same CNC blade. In other parts that can be carried out with two or three knives. Unnecessary accurate positioning deviations can reduce tool change frequency and shorten air transport time.

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Sequencing of production and manufacturing parts:

Many components related to production and manufacturing content can be divided into production and manufacturing parts according to their structural characteristics, such as shape, design, steep slope or plan. Mr. General production plan design, accurate positioning surface, and then production of manufacturing holes; Mr. A. produces simple appearance and complex graphics for reproduction and processing. Processing high-precision parts first and then high-precision parts.

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