About CNC precision machining

Author: Date Published: Jul 27,2023

What is CNC precision machining

CNC precision machining is a type of manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled machines 

to remove material from a workpiece to create a precise object or part. 

The CNC Machines are programmed to make cuts and movements with high levels of precision and accuracy, 

allowing for the creation of complex geometries and tight tolerances.

CNC precision machining can be used to produce parts for a wide variety of industries, 

including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics.

Some of the common types of CNC machines used in precision machining include CNC mills, 

lathes, grinders, and routers. The process is often used for both prototype and production manufacturing,

and is known for its speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

Tolerance of CNC Precision Machining

Precision CNC Machining tools are highly accurate,

but they can't perfectly reproduce the dimensions of a part as specified in the CAD blueprint. 

Tolerances are used by machinists to determine the acceptable range of deviations in the dimensions of a part.

Tolerance, also known as dimensional accuracy, is not standardized in precision CNC machining 

and depends on the specific manufacturing process.

The level of strictness of a tolerance is determined by the number of decimal places in its value,

with a greater number indicating a stricter measurement.

Advantages of High Precision CNC Machining

Increased speed

CNC machines provide a higher rate of speed compared to injection molding. 

Unlike injection molding which might take months to make the mold and ensure the machined

components are within tolerance, CNC machining can produce products in a matter of weeks.

Reduced cost of production

In terms of price, CNC machining is the way to go especially if you’re looking to make a few to a hundred parts.

The process requires a less upfront cost compared to injection molding cost due to the expenses of creating the mold.

Improved accuracy 

With CNC machining, parts can be produced with high levels of accuracy and precision, 

ensuring that the finished product conforms to exact specifications.

This is particularly important in industries such as aerospace, medical,

and automotive, where precision is critical for safety and performance.

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